Aqua Cat Dinglehopper TURBO ‘X’

Is it a plane , is it a bird ….. no, it’s the phenomenal new Aqua Cat Dinglehopper TURBO ‘X’ !


The Turbo ‘X’ is the latest model to be released by the manufacturers of the hugely successful Aqua Cat Dinglehopper surf-launched radio controlled bait boat series. Designed primarily for use in the ocean to deliver large baits hundreds of metres out into the ocean where the ‘Groot Menere’ feed, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper is also being used in extreme weather and water condition in lakes, dams and estuaries all over the globe.

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The new TURBO ‘X’ is lighter and faster than the earlier version, with cleaner lines and redefined keel it has less drag and consequently more power for towing out big baits. Delivering live bait is also a breeze and virtually any trace design can be used. Whether you are a novice or a pro, fishing with an Aqua Cat Dinglehopper turns every fishing trip into an exhilarating experience.


Since its launch on the SA market 11 years ago, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper has been making waves all over the world and is being used by ardent salt and freshwater fishermen to deliver baited fishing lines to a myriad of fish species in all forms of fishing. In the Gulf of Mexico the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper is used by some crew of Tuna boats to send out large baits up to 200m away from their craft. This is done to keep the baits intact, far from the prying eyes of the birds that follow the boat and then dive and steal the bait the moment it goes over the side.
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In dams on the great lakes, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper is used to tow live Herring, floated with a balloon, through very strong currents around the dam wall to catch to massive Striper Bass, which are only found in the vicinity of the wall. No other regular RC bait boat has the speed, power or stability to brave the water rushing over the dam wall. Not even full size boats venture near the wall for fear of being swept away by the current.


In SA, on a popular fishing beach in the Cape, it is not unusual to see upwards of 30 Dinglehoppers being used on any given day, sometimes in almost gale force winds, to target Cob in the Kelp beds 300m off shore. Likewise in the lakes and estuaries around Cosy Bay, where most fishermen run for cover when the wind starts pumping upwards of 30 km/h. Not so for the wily Aqua Cat Dinglehopper operators who know that wind up to 65km/h and rain means it’s ‘fishy party time’.


This amazing 14kg, 1m long boat is ready to go fishing whenever you are. No need for frozen baits, the right wind or good weather. Designed to be in the ocean, when this phenomenal craft hits the water, it is exactly where it wants to be. Fully submersible and totally self-righting, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo ’X’ remains the most versatile and reliable RC bait delivery boat on the market today.
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A quick preview of the spectacular new Turbo’X’ in action in the ocean with ‘Go Pro’ footage.,

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