AR242 X E-Series

Yamaha SA introduces boating enthusiasts to its exciting all new AR 242 X E-Series Jet boat.  Feature-filled and ready for action, the AR242 X E packs in all the elements for good times on the water.  The X E-Series is an all new high performance wake boat, boasting cutting edge enhancements. 

Yamaha’s award winning “Connext” is a complete helm control system for Yamaha’s 24-foot boats.  On the E-Series boats, the “Connext” system includes an all new Drive Control that makes driving a Yamaha Boat easier than ever.  “Connext” 2016 provides controls right at your fingertips for holding a consistent GPS monitored speed, controlling rider preferences on acceleration  and speed when towing, and a complete ballast control management system for the new 242X E-Series.  It also includes “wellness” functions for upgrades on maintenance.

Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling is a suite of technologies for Yamaha’s 24-foot boats that provide maximum control, confidence and manoeuvrability at slow, medium and top speeds.   This includes the award winning Articulating Keel, as well as No Wake Mode and Thrust Directional Enhancer.

All 24-foot Yamaha boats come equipped with Yamaha Quite Cruise, a platform based system of sound dampening that creates a quiet, comfortable ride for all on board.  The system controls the amount of engine noise and vibration that enters the cabin to allow the driver and passengers to engage in conversation at all speeds and enjoy their surroundings.

All new ultra-wide coverage Bimini with tow point underneath the top for easy access from inside the boat’s cabin. 

Built in solar panels can extend the battery life by 30 percent.  The retractable running/anchor light is mounted to the top of Bimini structure.

More spacious than any other boats in their class, Yamaha boats are thoughtfully designed to enhance the onboard experience.  Expanded bows offer customization seating configurations.  Roomy cockpit layouts maximize storage while placing priority on passenger comfort. 

The benefits of owning a Yamaha extend well beyond the exciting weekends spent with friends and family.

Every Yamaha comes recreation-ready, fully-equipped with a total package of amenities that brings the good life to life on the water.