Throw A Cast Net

How To Throw A Cast NetThrowing a cast net can be a daunting challenge and many anglers think it is impossible to get it right… Wrong. Casting a throw net is a fairly simple exercise and once practiced, comes naturally to anyone. A throw net is also called a cast net; it is basically a large net with weights that opens up when you throw it and catches fish in the net. To use a cast net you need a separate fishing license, on top of the normal recreational angling permit. Before I go through the steps of using a cast net.


Also note that a cast net can only be used between sunrise and sunset, and not in dark hours.



Basic Steps On How To Throw A Cast Net

  1. Grab the end of the rope and secure it to your right hand
  2. Gather the rope loosely at roughly a meter at a time
  3. Pick up the net
  4. Grab the net about 30cm from the top with your right hand
  5. Grab the net with your left hand roughly halfway down
  6. Lift the net up
  7. Make a loop so the loop is facing forward and the sinkers are hanging behind
  8. Take the outer most sinker loop
  9. Gather half of the sinkers
  10. Bring your hands together and place both parts of the net in your right hand
  11. Grab the outermost sinker again
  12. Place it under your thumb
  13. Grab the outer loop sinker at the bottom of the net
  14. Throw a cast net gently and roll your wrist over when releasing the net

Good luck!

How to throw a cast net

How to cast a throw net

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