What I rather be Doing


FISHING- it’s what I’d rather be doing right now… the feeling of a bent rod and sound of a screaming reel has become such an essential part of my life. Not because I was born or raised a fisherwoman, but because the passion was born the day I caught my first fish.

Like most other ladies I went along to the beach only to read magazines, check my Facebook and have a tan. The idea of fishing, smelly hands and impatiently waiting for something to bite seemed quite uninteresting to me. Until one day some friends managed to convince me to give it a try.  They baited a hook and cast the rod in for me. I stood there, clueless and impatient, every movement on the line felt like a bite. Suddenly they shouted for me to reel, I could feel something tugging on the line while I was reeling. To my amazement I caught a fish, my first fish! I cannot quite describe the feeling of surprise and excitement that consumed me that moment, I was determined to catch another fish! Before I knew it the sun was low on the horizon and I had caught quite a few fish. I thought to myself- what a day- Fishing is FUN!

I decided to buy myself a cheap combo set, I was determined to catch a fish all by myself. It became a challenge, more difficult than I first anticipated. I came to realize that fishing was much more technical than just going to the beach, casting a rod and waiting. I slowly learnt about all the aspects like tides, wind, weather, target species, bait, bait presentation, traces, tackle and fishing spot selection which Anglers take into consideration when going fishing.  As my exposure increased, so did my knowledge and I started baiting my own hooks and casting my own rod- however crooked the cast I still managed to catch some nice fish-

Beginners luck they called it. The feeling of success quickly turned into a deep passion and love for the sport.

I came to realize that fishing is not about standing there, waiting for the rod to bend. Fishing is about much more than just catching a fish, it’s about learning new things every day, building new friendships, patience, perseverance, hopes, challenges, passion, and excitement.

Hope to see more ladies on the beaches landing some fish!