Sardines Have Been Spotted

Mike Anderson-Reade of the KZN Sharks Board says sardines Have Been spotted off the south coast.

They Were first sighted on Margate Beach and are rumored to be up in Southport too.

“This Morning With the wind in the lower south coast, small pockets of sardines arrived at the same time. There are small pockets scattered from just south of Port Shepstone through to the Ramsgate area.

“Netter as of a short while ago are busy loading 100 baskets at the moment at Margate’s main beach,” I Said.

The silvery fish, Which HAD Average User seen on the coast for a while, are Said to be up in Southport as well.

Every winter, Between June and July, 700-million sardines migrate up the coast. They move to shallow waters giving rise to the Sardine Run.

(Above: photo shared by Shallcross resident, Anita Maharaj)

(Above: Kuben Naidoo shared this photo of sardines caught at Margate)

The South African Weather Service says a strong cold front is now moving across the province.

The Co-operative Governance Department says Disaster Management Teams are ready for any eventuality across the province.

Forecaster says Aslam Sardiwalla the south coast is bearing the brunt of the inclement weather.

(Thumbnail photo: John Lamberti, videos by South Coast Herald)

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